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Apr 14, 2007
My roost will be a 10ft, 2x4 w/ the 4" side for the girls to sit on. It will have slightly rounded edges. It will be placed: 30" form the floor and 15" from the wall with a dropping board 6" below it. I will have 12 ladies and one gent., large fowl only.

1. will I need a 'step-ladder' for them or is 30" no problem for large fowl (I don't want hurt/injuried legs). IF I need a 'ladder' do I need multi ladders, and if so--how many for a 10' roost?

2. Is it safe to paint the roost, dropping board, nest boxes, dustbath box w/ exterior satin latex paint?

3. Under the pop door on the interior of the coop will be a small box, that I want to use to help clean the girls feet when they exter the coop, Safe to fill with DE, pine shavings or just hay??

THank you all. Dixie

Thank you..Dixie
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Mar 2, 2008
They might prefer the 2" edge to roost on. They like to grip.

Latex is safe.

er ... they won't wipe their feet
If the floor of the house has shavings or the like, and the area immediately inside the pophole can be kept clear then their feet will stay clean.

They would be likely to use a tray as a dustbath, so easy on the DE you don't want it in their eyes.

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