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    Mar 27, 2012
    We got our chicks last night and DH is working on designing a coop for when we transition them outside. We want to let them have plenty of space to roam but they need a safe place for when we're not around because we have two big dogs and aren't sure how they are going to interact yet.

    I've read that the poo is good for the garden and the chickens themselves help with bugs. What do you think about keeping them in the garden as their run and have an opening in the garden fence where they can access their coop? Will they destroy everything or be helpful if the garden is big enough? FWIW, we only have 5 and the garden is a good size.

    I did a search and all the threads were about how to keep the chickens out of the garden... lol Guessing I know the response I'm going to get but thought I'd see if anyone is on the other side of the fence (pun intended [​IMG]) and trying to keep them in.

    Thanks for any tips!
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    they will damage the garden. they like to scratch and your garden might not be a garden after. you could take one out at a time place him in the garden and block off where you dont want them to be hope this helps!

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