Newbie, Ray from the West Midlands, UK.


Aug 4, 2016
Hi all. Just signed up to the Back Yard Chickens site. Have read some good advice stories from here before getting my clucking chucks. I love having them. Two are very friendly and enjoy a cuddle, the other two are a little more reluctant. All of them were laying well until recently. Hettie as pretty much stopped laying. She did give me one 2 days ago. The egg shell had signs of blood on it. she had also been sitting outside during the day,tucking her head under her wing and going to sleep. Would any of you be concerned at this behaviour?.
She is out in the garden at the moment pecking my lawn with the other 3. I'll add a couple of photos for you all to see my setup.
Thanks for any replies.
Good to meet you Ray. Are you having heat problems like most of us in US are having? Chickens tolerate cold much better than heat. Maybe you hen is feeling 'off' because of the weather ??? Did she last lay a large egg?
Looking back, yes she did have quite a large egg. The weather here had been quite warm around 25c. The other three chicks are laying ok though.
Yes she did lay a large egg and the weather this last couple of weeks has been quite warm. When i first got her she was laying 1 a day. I've only had the chicks a couple of months. The other three are laying ok.

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