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Apr 6, 2015
Ok, I know WHAT I can feed (kitchen scraps), but I don't know what size to give. Do I need to chop up kitchen scraps? My oldest birdies are 8 weeks old and I have another batch of 3-week-olds.

Sorry this is a dumb question!
Dry them out then crush em up real good. They have alot of calcium from what I hear! I use the shells from the eggs my hens lay. My older and younger chicks peck at em and it hasn't hurt em none. They're still growin happy and healthy!
I started giving them egg shells from a coffee grinder at 1 week. They love it. Make sure it's crushed enough for them. A friend didn't crush hers small enough and all her chicks were dead the next morning.
Don't supplement calcium (eggshells) to non laying birds. Excess calcium is hard on the kidneys and can cause gout, plus littles just don't need it.

I do give eggshells to my layers. I don't crush, grind, bake or nuke them. We crack the egg and the shell goes in the bowl with all the other kitchen scraps. The bowl gets dumped in the run whenever it's full. Never had a problem with egg eaters.

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