Newbie Screwup?


May 4, 2015
Ashland, VA
We were given 14 (12 runner, 2 muscovy) eggs to hatch as a homeschool project. We made our incubator following some instructions we found on YouTube, and after getting the temperature right we decided to dry hatch because we were struggling with the humidity.

We candled at day 7, and 11/14 were showing veins and development. On day 10 we candled again and tossed (buried) the eggs which showed no signs of development, and discovered that 5 of the originally developing eggs had developed blood rings. This left us with 6 eggs (4 runner, 2 muscovy). We've been experimenting since day 21 with trying to get the humidity up for the hatch, so far we can get it up to 40%, but that's it. We candled on day 21, and everyone was doing great, movement was visible in all of the eggs.

We candled last night before attempting "lockdown" for the runners. All but 1 (3) of the runner eggs are now candling clear on the bottom (imagine candling a store bought egg), with little clumps of something on the very bottom, and no movement in the top. The one with movement is also clear on the bottom of the egg with clumps, but movement is visible from the bottom of the egg.

I've scoured the internet for late death images, if egg waste can look like poop before hatching, anything I can think of that would help me figure out what's going on.

Did we screw up?!?!? What is going on with our eggs? My kids are devastated.
As long as they don't smell id leave them in and wait and see what happens.
If they look pretty much the same as the one you see movement in its possible they are just sleeping growing is hard work.
I'm pretty sure there is goo in the eggs...and in at least 2 there is a significant amount. I guess I'll give them till Friday, then pip them to see what's up?

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