Newbie to the incubation process


8 Years
Aug 22, 2011
Coshocton, Ohio- 3 Years Ckns
This has probably been posted a thousand times but.... I'm unique

I have had my eggs in for 7 days today. Decided to try dry because of the article. Bought a used bator and turner, 1st 2 days were approx 101 degrees, called friend and got adjusted to 100 degrees. Have opened it 3 or 4 times to remove 1 or 2 eggs but hurried because of the temp dropping.

Candling- I looked at one last night, end of day 6 and saw blood vessels so hoping that is encouraging. I have a concern though and thought someone might know....

Candling a few I have noticed that the air sac is at the bottom.... I have the eggs in the turner small side down and the air pocket seems to be down.... I'm no rocket scientist but I would think the air pocket should be up? Also, it seems large so I added some water and in two days the water is gone. I have a hydrometer on my desk as we speak so tonight I will know the humidity in the box.

Is this haphazard approach gonna give me mutant chicks? Am I a killer because of my lack of attention to detail?

Any insight is much appreciated.

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