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    Feb 25, 2010
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    I feel a bit silly for waiting until now to post this, but frankly I've had such a dismal year for hatching (long story) that I didn't hold out much hope for these eggs, but I have a little (red) golden that just hatched, with 2 more eggs still in the incubator. I've only recently gotten into pheasants, and this is my first hatch (I also have an '09 pair from a different breeder), and I have a few questions:

    I will be keeping the little guy(s) separate from the (chicken) chicks, but I have some chicks I'm vaccinating for Marek's - can pheasants be vaccinated for Marek's, and if so is it the same vaccine marketed for chickens? What, if any, vaccines are given to pheasants & at what age?

    I have gamebird starter, but I've also heard to feed things like cooked eggs & greens - what age would those foods be introduced?

    Also, are pheasants comparable to chickens in the amount of time they need a heat lamp? What age would they be ready for an outdoor brooder (hot, humid south)?

    Any advice, info, or suggestions will be appreciated. I kind of jumped into this, but want to make every effort to get it right.

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