Newbie with 2 rhode island Reds in uk :)


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
hey guys recently bought a property with a massive chicken run and coob at the back iv treated myself two 2 rhose island reds yesterday and they seem to have settled in lovely.

the breeder said they were at point of lay so my first question will be when can i expect them to begin laying?

also my perch is about 3foot of the ground is this to high for the birds? if so what do you recommend?

any particular treats or food rhose islands like?

hope to get pictures up of maggie and Dil soon haha

Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky! Once you notice their combs and wattles turn a deep red they should be close to laying. As for the roost four foot is the typical height most prefer for their chickens. I have some chickens which use the four foot off the ground roosts then I have some which prefer to fly into the barn rafters to roost. It's more important making sure you have plenty of clearance from walls so when the chickens come off the roost they don't fly into the wall. I've heard too many times from people saying they have opened the coop in the morning to find a dead bird with a broken neck.

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Hi im from UK to (kent)
got my first 4 hens yesterday (rescues) 3 black rocks and 1 red maran.
The red is blind but i couldnt leave her behind,
They are all up having breakfast now and seem to have settled in ok.

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