newbie wondering about breeding cross breds.


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I am going to be getting a mixed run of 25 Red rocks from Miller Hatcheries on April 15th.
I know this is a long way away but I was curious about breeding them.
I was thinking about keeping a roo out of the males and of course whatever pullets I get from the batch for my layers.

If I get a broody hen I thought I would let her keep her eggs to hatch (only next spring of course). Is there any reason why I shouldn't?
Is there a risk of her hooking up with her"brother" considering I would be getting a straight run?
I assumed that there would be a whole bunch all mixed up before selecting the boys for the mix so the chances would be pretty slim.
I don't know what the chances are of having hatch mates. Anyone?

I hope I've posted this in the right area. I wasn't exactly sure where to post it.
The odds of them being full brother-sister is very very poor. The odds of them being half brother-sister is still pretty poor.

When you inbreed chickens or anything else, you give the recessive genes a chance to come through. If the recessive genes are undesirable, that is bad . If the recessive genes are desirable, that is good. Many of us breed daughters to fathers and sisters to brothers until we see undesirable traits start to come through, then we get new blood in the flock. Most if not all breeders either breed brother to sister, father to daughter, or grandfather to granddaughter to enhance certain traits and keep out undesirable traits. When you bring in new blood, you are never sure what traits you are bringing in.

You might want to plan on bringing in new blood in the third or fourth generation. Earlier if you see undesirable traits.

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