Newbie worming ???

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    Ok so I was reading and someone said you needed to deworm your chickens if this is true.

    How often does this need to be do ?

    Is it common for them to get worms ?

    Is there a why to tell if they have them ( is it like a dog where you can see them in there poop) ?

    Do you have to worry about the eggs and eating them ?

    What do you use to deworm them ?
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    You should do a search - there are numerous discussions here on BYC that will give you a multitude of answers to each question. [​IMG]
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    An alternative to deworming is to add some food grade diatomaceous earth regularly to your chickens' food. This kills any worms that may be present, and there's no need to stop using the eggs. There are other benefits as well, such as supplying extra nutrients, if you want to do a search on BYC.

    If you're interested and can't find food grade (ONLY - very important) DE locally, some of the best mail order prices are from Earthworks and Custom Milling.
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