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Jul 10, 2022
Hello everyone! I am a brand new chicken mom! We have 2 fluffy, loud, and very loved chicks right now! We purchased them through a lady in Tenessee, and used a Brinsea Mini Advance to incubate 6 eggs, becuase I have always wanted to try it. I figured what better time when I have the ability to work from home and I can keep tabs on them? Ha! 3 of our eggs made it to lockdown, but I am pretty certain the one had stopped developing before hand so we ended up with 2 beautiful, loud, outgoing Ayam Cemani chickies!
I have loved chickens since I was a young girl and would help my aunt (who was a crazy chicken lady!) pick eggs from her hens and every spring; dress and freeze chickens. (NOT my favorite part of the memories!) Some of my other hobbies include: Animal rescue and rehab, photography, crafts, and being outdoors.
We are a family of 4 that includes: Myself, my dear husband, our son who is 15 and daughter who is going on 12. We are happy, crazy cat people! We have 4 cats all whom we have rescued from either the shelter or very unfortunate situations, and they are as much as a part of the family as us humans! My husband and I are both Army veterans, and now we spend our time freelancing our love of photograph, engineering and design. It is great to be here: You all don't know HOW many times I have been on this forum throughout these past 24+ days! Thank you for all of the incredible info! That is obviously why I decided to join: Hopefully in order to give back to those who have given me so much!

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