8 Years
May 27, 2011
Hi as a newbie to BYC from the UK do you have any tips on how to navigate the site and forums. I am hoping to set up my smallholding soon and chickens will be the first additions x
Cheers! and welcome to BYC. You have lots of smallholders probably close to you. Do you get the Poultry Pages newsletter? It is a UK product and I've found it helpful even here in Texas!
here's a link, I hope:

About navigating: I click on the "Show recent posts" over on the right of the page and scan through the topics to see anything of interest, read what I want, comment, etc, then hit the "Index" link at the top left and do the process over again. If you have a sick hen or something hurts your chicken, do post your question in the right topic area, like Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries. Below your message box is a choice, "Subscribe to this topic" which I use to see when I get a reply--especially when time is of the essence like an injury. Do check to see if your local vet will accept chickens as patients or can refer you. Having a plan in place will help you greatly when you need to act fast.
I belong to the Silkie thread here and get daily updates on what's going on in Silkie world. I also subscribe to the Texas breeders thread. Just want to be connected if I can get another hen--which I am over the limit right now! ha!
Anyway, Welcome and I hope this all will make sense as you enjoy the BYC site. I can't live without it!

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