6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
warner robins,ga
I am new to byc. Great site.
I have three RIR for about three months now. I inherited them when my grandfather passed. slowly learning how to care for them. Unfortunatly I can not ask him how he took care of them. They are now back to laying three eggs a day. They have finally got adjusted to me and my wife. all my learning has been trial and error. I have been on BYC all morning learning and reading. I hope to find people locally to meet and talk chickens. Maybe see how they do their chickens and maybe they could come check mine out and give pointers. wanting to get three to four more but gonna wait till I learn more. I love my chickens and their eggs. Never knew how much fun chickens could be. Thanks BYC for the boatload of information. Can say it will now be my favorite site.
Welcome to BYC!

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