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Nov 21, 2018

My name is Susanne from Richmond, VA. My husband A.J. and I are first time chicken "parents". We got 5 chickens about a month ago....two Buff Orpingtons named Gertie (my high school was St. Gertrude, so had to name one as such) and Henrietta, a Barred Rock named Winifred, a Silver Laced named Ruby and a Golden Comet named Bittie. They are all between 6 and 7 months old. I am loving how much I am learning about them and how to care for them every single day! I am so glad I found this community online so I can refer to this wonderful group when I have questions. I have a question and I think I have figured out the answer, but wanted to see if any of you have had this experience......and to let me know if I am on the right track. I am always mimicking sounds so I have been copying their clucks and trills and "purrs" all the time. Yesterday, they seemed very interested in the crows and hawks they could hear nearby. We have them in a totally enclosed coop right now until we get to know them better, no hanging out free range yet. Anyway, I mimicked the sound of the crows and they became very alert. I then started cooing with a trill and they became more alert. I then quieted that down to just a trill with air coming out of my mouth, a calming and quiet sound. I kept doing it and they all crowded around me and froze. I thought it was interesting so I when I checked on them first thing this morning, I did it again and they all did the same thing, almost freezing in place as long as I was making this sound. So interesting!! The only thing I found online is that it might be similar to the sound a mother hen makes to her chicks when danger is around so they will stay still and quiet. Anyone know about this??

Yeppers they are "alerting" the others. One day when I only had 4 birds I could hear one of my SLW making a ruckus I went out and asked her what she was alerting about. Well I counted and only got 3 birds. Her sister was missing. She had escaped over the gate. I didn't know she could jump that high. I rounded her back up and added some height to the gate. The other SLW stopped yelling. LOL

ETA: I've also noticed that they stand very tall and perfectly still when they think danger is around. I think that is to make themselves bigger and the standing still is so the danger can't see them.

If they are laying notice that they take bedding and try to throw it over their backs. I think I read about it or asked here. They are going back to their wild days and trying to camoflouge (sp) themselves. LOL So funny.

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