Newbie's Chicken Coop Pics


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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
My fiance and I recently got 6 chicks from TSC (4 red sex linked and 2 black australorps). I'm already addicted and looking for some easter eggers or americaunas :). We are in the process of finishing the coop, but here is what we have so far:

Obviously we need to cut out the chicken door, fence in the run, and finish the trim, but it's a pretty good start for 2 weekends worth of work...
And the chicks :)... I know it's too early to tell, but I think the bigger of the two australorps is a rooster (he/she is almost twice the size of all the others and they are the same age).

Nice little coop!
Might want to put a gutter at the edge of the roof over the nest boxes for gathering eggs when it's raining, or the rain from the roof will be channeled into the boxes.
Thanks for the suggestion
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