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    Jun 6, 2011
    So after reviewing a lot on this forum about what makes a good coop and going back and forth on design/style, I started building last week. Just like many, I found out this is quite the process. The size is 8'Wx8'Lx8'H with 2x4 stick framing that will be insulated for our cold winters. The exterior is 'Smart Panel' which is essentially aspenite with a wood like appearance already primed. The boards installed are 8' and I will leave a 4" opening all along the top of these for ventilation. I hope to get a lot more done this weekend so that DW can paint the exterior and I can do the finishing touches on the interior. Likely it will take the next two weekends to get it complete as we will need to have it ready within 3-4 weeks when the chicks are ready to come outside.

    The opening will be where the 'people door' will be installed. I have not purchased one yet as a new one is expensive and they all open in, I would prefer to find one that opens out. I did look at our local salvage store and they have a few exterior doors but all would need to have jambs installed, etc. I'm not into building a door frame if I can buy a door and frame together so I need to make a decision this weekend! Obviously the rough door frame needs to be built still.

    This is the rear of the coop and one window will be installed on this side.

    This is the front of the coop and the roof design (saltbox'ish) allowed me to provide a 5 foot overhang in front to keep rain off the hens and their doors. One window will go up on the left side and the chicken door will be centered at the bottom.

    Once this is done, then it's on to the run installing fencing that I am not looking forward to! I'll add to this thread as I proceed.

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    It's looking great! Nice job. In regards to the door swinging out instead of in. Could you take the hinges off and put them on the other side of the door? Would that work? Maybe not, but you got my mind working and that is a dangerous thing! [​IMG]
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    Mar 7, 2011
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    Looking good! [​IMG]

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