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    Mar 16, 2012
    Parker, CO
    Hi all,
    I purchased this coop kit from our Murdochs store. It is going to go into a 20 x 20 run that hopefully will be sufficiently predator proofed. (still working on it!) I'm now learning about ventilation and drafts and the little door you see there has plenty of room around the sides that I can see will allow quite a bit of draft. I'm guessing I can use that foam window seal around it, but will the chickens peck it out or eat it? Is there something better to seal it with?
    Also, the front door where he ramp goes up, doesn't have anything to close it off. Should I make a real door that can be closed off, or can they learn to use a doggie type plastic door that they can push through?
    Any tips are welcome!
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    Apr 9, 2010
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    If there is ANY foam, they WILL peck and eat it.
    They love that stuff!
    I sealed my windows with a bead of caulk.
    You don't need to close the door since the coop is inside a predator proof area.
    The doggie type plastic sounds like a good way to keep out the wind and rain.
    There are folks here on the forum who use those doggie doors.
    Chickens will use them cuz they want to get in/out (especially if there are treats involved).
    Good luck and do post pics of the finished job!

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