Newbieto BYC and Chickens. HELP! Thanks


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Central East Oklahoma
First time chicken owner. I have had acoop built, but unable to get chickens. I was looing for pullets, so I would not have to raise the chicks. The thing is no one has any they were willing to part with. So my dear friend wsuprised me with a hen( Ithink) and 2 chicks.She says they we scraglers at the sale and noone wanted them so she grabbed them up for me. They are not even from the same household. The "hen" is treating these 2 chicks as if they are hers. The question is... What breed, age and sex are these chickens. My dear friend had no idea and forgot to ask. Any advice on what to do would be great. I have the golden "hen", white and black chick and the black and brown chick. The hen will not even let me close to the chicks without an all out attack. They are all eating great. I am spending a lot of time around the coop and in the run for them to become familer with me.

the hen looks like a buff orp and the chicks look like ees (easter eggers) if they are her chicks "now" count yourself lucky and let her raise them
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HI &
. Congrats on the new coop & chicks!!!! How wonderful!!! The hen looks like a Buff Orpington maybe 4-5 months old - just a guess because her comb looks like she should be laying soon. I have no idea what breed the two chicks are but looks like the brown is maybe 4-5 wks old and the white one maybe 2-3 wks. Hope someone else can give you breeds for them.
Thanks so much both of you. Should the chicks be ok in low 50's weather since the are so young? Do
I need to put a heat lamp in there? I plan on doing that when it gets colder.

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