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    We had a few chicks come down with some strange malady that we believe was Newcastles. They are hatchery chicks (hatchery was less than helpful) and I posted on here asking what anyone thought it could be but never got any answers.

    At first it was only one chick and she couldn't walk. She ate and drank and hobbled around as best she could. She never had any discharge or sneezing, just could not get her legs to go where she needed them. I pampered her for a while but then 2 more started with it and they acted like they felt bad. Staying under the brooder light with their eyes closed and head back. We were frightened it was a bad thing starting up with the chicks and immediately dispensed those. THEN we read up on what it could be. Duh!

    When one of the other chicks came down with it we didn't do anything to her. For almost 4 weeks now we have let her be in the coop with all the others and hobble around as best she can. She eats, drinks and sleeps. The others go outside and play but she has stayed in and I checked on her several times a day making sure she didn't have sores and was getting around all right. Yesterday, she finally stood up for the first time in weeks and this morning is limping but walking around. No one else has gotten it though a few acted like they were starting with it.

    I feel so bad that we killed those other 3 chicks now! But we were scared and felt it was right at the time. I don't know what it was or is but we think it was Newcastles. Supposedly there isn't a treatment and they get over it in about a month. Gee, nothing probably would have died if we hadn't killed it!

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    Awwww, sorry to hear about your chicks![​IMG] That's really sad! It's so hard to know what to do! I am learning as much as I can as fast as I can, but i think sometimes diseases don't always present the same symptoms. Poor babies. You did what you felt you had to to protect the rest. Don't be too hard on yourself:hugs

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