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Sep 12, 2019
Hello everyone! I am 04chicken and I have always LOVED chickens! I finally got my first flock last April. I got 6 chickens, 5 hens and one accidental rooster. I was supposed to get 2 Black Sex-Links, 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, and 2 Barred Rocks. But I got lucky and I ended up with a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen and rooster, a Rhode Island Red, a Barred Rock, an Australorp, and a Golden Laced Wyandotte. I love to be with my chickens, Mess around with my dogs, read, work at my job on a farm, and hangout with friends and family. My family consists of my Mother, Father, and Sister. I found out about BYC from my friend MathildaMcThunderthigh, recently. I thought it would be nice to join a little community of people who have things in common with me.


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