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Mar 4, 2014
I have only recently acquired a few silkies and one frizzle. The frizzle turned into a rooster. Now my little black Karina is sitting on (first one) and today on two eggs. What should I know? She just made a hollow in the ground and laid her egg(s) I am so excited, but need advice
Hi, if your silkies are still quite young I would maybe wait a little while before letting them brood any eggs. If your hens have only just started laying the egg quality may not be very good to support a growing embryo. Usually if a hen is broody she will find somewhere secluded or hidden to lay her eggs ie the nest box. I would try to encourage her to start laying in the nest box and remove the eggs from the ground. Hope this helps and good lick with your birds :frow
This is just me, but...
If she's wanting to sit, I'd let her give it a go. I put pullet eggs under my hens and in my incubator quite often. Sometimes they hatch, sometimes they don't, but you'll never know if you don't try!
I just leave my hens wherever they plop themselves (unless its in they run). I do occasionally move a couple of them, that don't seem to know which nest to go back to. But, when my reliable broodies start sitting, I just give them the eggs I want them to hatch and leave them be.

Good luck!
Pullet eggs are very tiny at first, so only let her sit in a more normal sized egg that would have enough room for a chick to develop properly! Usually after 2 weeks the eggs are a good size to incubate!

Best of luck!
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Thanks. We built two nest boxes, but no one even looks at them. Karina now is sitting on 3 eggs she made a hollow in the ground and is sitting. I am soo excited
My silkies are more than 6 months old. I hope the babies are able to develop. Do I have to separate mother and babies from the rest when and if the babies hatch?
My silkies have been laying for about 3-4 months but have not tried to sit before now. I am very hopeful

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