Newly hatch chick - Deformed Skull?

Came out of a cute blue egg from Arauncuna only coop (or so breeder told me). The other 2 have normal looking skulls! I personally think its deformed, it felt soft at first but feels harder now. Not sure. Time will tell i guess.
i do beg your pardon. I have since googled vaulted skull, and you know what it does look just like a vaulted skull. Weird. I think i will contact the breeder and let her know. (though it does not have feathered feet or dark skin) thanks for advice guys, this forum is such a font of knowledge for us newbies!!!
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LOL, silkie breeders love seeing that little vaulted skull. Hopefully thats all it is. Let us know what other breeds she may have, even if she doesn't believe one of them snuck over there. Those silkies are definitely evil and sneaky. LOL.
I thought the same thing when I saw that little head. Looks very similar to my polish chicks when they are still wet.
Here is the little guy now, all fluffed up. It'd be cool if he was part polish! Would be a fun looking chicken! Luckily these are pets only.

He's the pale one in front


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