Newly Hatched Chick Bleeding From!!!


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Apr 30, 2011
I have a chick that is just under 24 hours old, and he was walking around fine, and then i went to check on it and there are blood spots everywhere and he is bleeding from his stomach area. What happened and what can i do?? and so i change the paper towels in the hatcher?
Greetings, If you have blood stop powder or flower. But if you have other eggs that have not hatched but have pipped in the bator, not a good idea to open it.

At 24 hours he would be dry, if you have a warm brooder ready, you could wisk him out hoping not to lower the humidity too much. When you changed the paper where did the humidity drop to?

Tell us are there other eggs in the bator that have not hatched yet? Good luck, let us know what you do and the outcome.
i moved him from one hatcher to another, because the first one was too small, i have not changed the paper towel yet. and yes there are other unhatched eggs
I would keep him in there until he has fully dried up, the bleeding may stop on it's own. Is it a lot of blood spots? Once the rest has hatched then I would start him on some Polyvisol, chances are if he lost a lot of blood he will start to get very weak. but you really don't want to disturb the other eggs since your in lockdown mood. However if it's large spots say around an apple seed size, you may want to try and get him out of there and stop the bleeding by applying pressure.. But if the spots are more like a salt grain or sugar grain, I wouldn't worry about it at this point..
I wouldn't touch the paper towel in the bator with the other eggs. Sounds like he is in a bator now alone. If there is still slight bleeding I think I would put flouer on to stop it, if the blood is dried I would do nothing. I'm guessing the humidity in the bator with the eggs is at least 50 or higher.

We are in lockdown here also day21, they are pipping, no hatch yet.
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