Next step after 1 week of new chicks arrival?


Feb 20, 2018
I hope someone can guide me about 1 week old chicks.
I ordered 5 Buff Orpingtons, and they arrived last Friday.

However, on Thursday, over a the Tractor Supply in Columbus, Georgia, I bought 4 more just to make sure I had enough hens to be happy and get started.

All has gone well, except for the one lady who had poop stuck on her but, and required some very gentle clean up. No other chicks had that problem.

Weight gain is good on Chicken starter and grit, ...etc.

The "Chicken Corral is set up on a plastic tarp in a back bedroom with a Brinsea heater and also 1 of 2 heat lamps at a far end of the carboard "corral". The chicks have lots of room in the corral, and can adjust their own heat level. I only use 1 big heat lamp at a time.

It is a chore cleaning wood chips out of the water bottle tray, you know?
I do that several times a day.

I put several white plastic "Easter Eggs" made of Ping Pong material in the corral to give the hens the idea of what they are there for.

What is my next time for change in the care level?
How long do I just keep doing what I am doing?
I think the timeframe on when to make changes really depends upon your setup and the climate where you live. For now just keep them healthy and watch them grow. When they have enough feathers and it is warm enough they can start going out during the day if you have a pen that is secure for them.

For the waterer, elevating it helps. Either hang it a few inches above the ground or put it up on a brick or something to keep it up and away from the worst of the flying shavings. As long as they can hang their heads in it they'll be fine. :)

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