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  1. At about 2 weeks old, the bird had a leg injury. It was assumed to be a broken leg. It was not given any medical treatment for a week.

    The bird was given to me at 3 weeks old and seemed to be somewhat healed. I wrapped the leg, swelling went down, she has a great appetite and gets around somewhat with the wings.

    But now the leg in question won’t stay under her, so I’ve given her little leg cuffs a nice distance apart and she sits correctly now... but mobility has been more impaired since I’ve done this. Still eating and drinking and pooping. Any advice is appreciated. I did notice some muscular atrophy in the healed leg. She’s 3.5 weeks old now.
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  3. Update: It is most definitely perosis.

    But I did walk in to her standing tonight. First time I ever saw her stand. Still a bit wobbly and clumsy. I put lots of vitamins in her water and food.
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  4. Another Update: She started walking today, I put her back with the other chicks. Still stumbles a bit but leagues better than where she was.
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    Hopefully she will get along well enough to grow and thrive. Good luck.
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    Glad to hear she's improving!
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