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Jun 15, 2020
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What is it with rental / remodel projects?!!?

I swear, I fix two things on the list and then another thing pops up. :he
Wife and I tackled our kitchen. We gutted the entire thing, and found some questionable wiring. So.... down to studs it went to chase that out and fix it. Glad we did because we discovered 3 junctions not in a box, and twisted together with black tape for insulation. Lucky it didn’t burn down. Figured we were that far, so we pulled the floor up so we could route water to fridge. Found 3 separate abandoned stubs for a kitchen sink. So, we fixed all of that. We had many hats that remodel. The only thing we didn’t do is the granite counter tops.


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Jul 31, 2015
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Aug 8, 2019
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Ya, no idea what the plumber was thinking when he did that 14 years ago!
I can share a co-miserate House repair realization that I "had to fix". First realize this is a 1970's built house. The original builders tied the grounding cooper lead from the main breaker panel *On the adjacent closet wall to the "Tee for the toilet" in Master bath. With all that copper water pipe in the wall they saw fit to run the grounding wire around a corner and use those clamping fittings with a screw on both sides that holds the wire against the pipe and make it impossible to have a clean sealable hole in the wall for the ball valve for this toilet?

You see the screw heads. /Side note I dispise straight slot screw heads.
Well, I cut the hole over to the stud for a drywall repair that would be a wee bit easier but, getting that darn 1/4" dia ground wire bent around to be mounted to the vertical section of the same pipe took me a good 2 hrs - squeezed in there...
This is the finished look. Not the best workmanship trying to match the faux plastered texture but, it's now neatly sealed up and looks good from a standing distance.

So, how's them pictures of old and new coop coming, eh? /Cue Monty Python character snippet
(Nudge nudge, wink, wink) "Know what I mean, ehh? Know what I mean, Ehh?"

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