Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings or Wethers . ALL SOLD!


9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Clinton, OH
Five gorgeous ADGA/AGS goat bucklings available. Sire is Old Mountain Farm Palindrome who is the 2011 AGS Nationals Reserve Grand Champion. Dam is either Jewel Box or Bit 'O' Honey - both with excellent milk and show bloodlines. These guys are very correct in conformation and very dairy in character. Jewel Box's kids are Thunder, Capone, and Dillinger, and were born 4-23-12. Honey's kids are Bolt and Sundance and were born 5-14-12. $250 each (that's $100 off for BackYard Chicken forum members!) or $100 each as wethers (would make great 4H wethers) - 2 wethers together for $150. You can find their pedigrees and lots more information on them here:
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Hi i am a new member and just playing with the site and found your ad and they are very cute. My wife has been wanting one maybe two of them in the near future, so let us know when you have some more we are not ready for them here at the GEPPI farm yet. I will be building a goat enclosure pretty soon. How much space do they need to be happy? Thanks so much for any other help you can offer.
Hi, welcome to BYC! We'll have more baby ND's next spring, and they are herd animals so you need at least two for them to be happy. They really don't require a lot of room, some indoor space out of the elements and drafts and a little bit of pasture space - I wrote a little bit about that here: If you have more specific questions I'd be happy to try to answer them.
Thanks so much for your interest in Thunder but he has now sold. We'll have more next spring and they do best in little herds of goats but also make good companions for horses, etc.

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