Ninite Time


Apr 26, 2020
Kansas City, Mo
Been awhile since I’ve had time to post…but my oldest hen startled me tonight and I gotta tell it…
Four pullets I added are getting big enough to switch them from their smaller coop to Ms Boss’s, her to theirs. It was getting quite in need of serious cleaning inside and rescrewing a few boards. With a repreave of the heat wave, I mustered energy to it. I opened the perch hatch, locked the pop door with MsB content in the run after feeding in the spare run I had just finished building for my next batch.
The (her)coop is large enough for several birds but I didn’t build it to be easy to clean out, or repair. I must climb inside, however I not a contortionist! Still getting winter insulation out, two mouse nests (eeeeeeewe), scraping off poo, then decided to remove the carpet off the north wall. That meant getting outside to climb a stepladder and unscrew the plywood off too. Sooooo all sides were open, debris all over the ground and (it smelled better😉) my drill in one hand, I had the board propped up to screw the wall closed.
I hear the familiar flooflooflooo behind me— saw a white blur in the corner of my eye— omg! MsB had flown UP to the perch inside the totally OPEN coop! She stuck her beaker in my face as if to say, “hey whatcha doin mohm? It’s ninight time yknow “ and proceeded to preening. Totally ignored me, the open doors, squatted down ready for bed. I laughed and told her okay I’m done! It’s all yours. I wiggled (struggled) outa there and closed it up again.
It’s not completely done but she was happy and sleepy.🥰 Maybe she’ll get back on her egg-laying schedule whatwith cooler temps and a clean coop. Like aaaaahhh.


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