Nipple Feeders - Level?


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May 1, 2012
White Settlement, Texas
I am in the process of building my coop and I have 3 different age chicks. 4 are 5 weeks, 4 are 4 weeks and 3 are 2 weeks old. They do fine together but my question is about my nipple feeders mounted to a PVC pipe, has anyone tilted theirs at a 45 degree angle? Can I do that without it leaking? I want to do that so the shorter ones can drink as well as the bigger ones. I just wanted to know before I attached them to the 45 degree food pipe running up the side of the coop. My coop is completely enclosed so I was planning on at least moving the larger ones this weekend when we get it finished but I was also considering moving the younger ones. (since it is over 90 degrees every day and I have a lamp for nights)

Anyone have any tips or suggestions.
I don't think you can put it at a 45 angle because the nipples have to be straight up and down or they will leak. You would do better by putting a 90 degree elbow and stepping the pipe down a little for smaller birds.
My pipes are level it just doesn't look like it.

I went with pavers for the shorter ones to reach..Just add to or take away as needed. They must be vertical and low pressure or they will leak. As you can see in picture when I hooked my system up I has some leakage problems due to pressure being to high. I just adjusted it down and applied some thread tape to the far right nipple(My only screw in one, I prefer push-in). They must be vertical....

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