Nipple waterer setup

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    Oct 5, 2014
    Hello everyone! So i need to get my chickens more food and water so I don't have to feed and water them every 2 seconds. Basically so I can go on a couple day vacation for thanksgiving. I currently have a feeder I made out of a big red plastic folgers container that I screwed to a board and cut holes in then hung from the top of the coop. They just dump feed all over the place so I have to figure out a good design that will feed for multiple days. As far as the nipple watering system goes I am making it from a 5 gal bucket and pvc. I was going to port the water to the top enclosure but decided that was probably harder to do because I have to raise it up so that it can be gravity fed. I figure I can just port it through to the bottom and have the bucket sit on the ledge up top. Does this seem fine or do you think its better the be inside for days of inclement weather? A pic of the coop is provided below. Thanks in advance!


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