Nipple waterers for chicks?

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    Just the simple questions: Can I use nipple waterers for chicks, or is it better to start them on a bowl type waterer then later teach them to use a nipple waterer when they move out to the coop?

    My other chickens learned to use the waterer later just fine, so that's not a concern, but I just prefer the nipple waterers so much more, that it would be nice to just avoid the mess of a bowl waterer.
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    I started mine on nipples. I have mixed ages so I put in a 2-nipple bucket (used a 5-qt. ice cream bucket) and stuck a piece of 2x4 under one side so the littlest one could reach. They were started on something else by the breeder but I was certain they all had the nipple concept down within 30 minutes and were fully ignoring the little dish I'd put in for a JIC so I took it out. No issues here!

    The funniest part is when you have several working on the same nipple at once (I've seen as many as 6 before!) and they're just beating the snot out of it but they seem completely content to do so.

    ETA: and the box stays so very nice and DRY!
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