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May 23, 2011
Hello, I am a nite owl. Thought I would start a thread for other nite owls. Maybe talk about current events or chickens or whatever we want. I am a newbie and starting to get addicted to Chickens. So funny how you get so attached to em and wanna buy more an more. I am thinking about hatching next year. The weather seems to be the main current event these days. So much though happening in the world. So just putting it out there a nite owl thread to chit chat or just a way for me to meet more people on BYC.
Hi Pinkychick...yep, I'm up too. I had a very long frustrating day waiting on the repairmen to fix my internet connection so I could get back online again after almost a week of no computer. I was in withdrawal ! I'm still keyed up and not sleepy so I came to my favorite site to read and learn. How are you doing?
I'm up too. I tell myself "no Internet, especially chicken Internet after 10pm" but here I am and just can't turn it off, plus there is a storm raging outside right this minute. Like we need more rain here. So far, no tornado sirens blaring, we are good. I have to get up very soon though, ugh. HenZ
I grew up in Lexington Ky! Moved to N. Alabama when I was 12, now I live in Jacksonville FL. I remember the snow drifts higher than my head and being cold chilled to the bone for months at a time. I really needed to be in FL. I do regret not being able to grow some of my favorite nostalgic flowers here that I grew in KY. Lilac, peony, cherry, columbines, violets, lily of the valley... etc. Now I'm homesick. I recall sliding down our very steep icy driveway on my behind when I was about 6. It didn't endear me to winter. HA! Hope the bad weather lets up soon! Where I am we get tornadoes AND hurricanes AND every kind of creeping/crawling/flying/biting/stinging bug in the known world. Woo Hoo! Lucky me! But I can grow things almost year round, the the landscape is always green. I really like green.
Hi Feather baby, and lotzahenz! Wow didn't think anyone would respond this quick! I need to subsribe to my thread too so I can find it again!
Anywho glad to meet you both! I am in Washington. Its chilly here this evening. Wow love flowers. I am going to grow a wild flower garden here soon as my weather clears up a bit. Wow Florida. Warm there? Henz! I have been following the weather out there! I know a bunch of people from my website and chat room that are there. Arkansas and Kentucky etc. Wow hope you are ok out there! So nice to hear from you two! You know on top of being a nite owl I had a headache to day and slept for 4 hours this afternoon. So I think I may be pulling an all nighter.
Hi Incubatingisfun! Nice to meet ya!
My computer is acting up. It is goin in and out. It is really frustrating me. So If you don't see me after this posting it means computer won out on its fight with me.

I love Alaska! You will have to share with us about where you live. What are you going to school for?
Oh yeah computer problems suck my computer crashed a few weeks ago so i am using my moms.yeah alaska is great fell free to ask me questions.oh im just got done with normal school i got done tuesday.
Well, N. Florida is hotter than the third circle of Hell right now. It's in the 90's in the daytime and only cools to high 70's at night. Sure is early in the season to be this hot. My poor 'furry' silkies are panting, oh my! They look at me as if to say, "Gee, I wish I could take my feathers off like she does...." I just got waterlilies for my pond and I'm going to pot and set them in it tomorrow. Even though the water looks like 'cream of primordial soup' at least I'll be cool from the waist down while I'm working in there. My EX-husband used to call me the "Creature from the black lagoon" and "the slime queen" when I'd get in to work on the pump or lilies. (Notice, he's not here anymore, muuuooooohhhhhhaaaa). I have the most breathtaking lilies when in bloom. Some 8" across, (bright pink/purple/yellow/blue and peach) and heavenly fragrant! I have several large bullfrogs who sing bass in accompaniment to the soprano tree frog chorus every night. Just another day in paradise.

I finally gave up and went to bed at 3:45 AM this morning. Got 4 hours sleep before my mom woke up. She is 86 and I am her 24/7 caretaker. She has dementia and is wheelchair bound so it's not an easy or pleasant job, but I have the garden, pond and chickens to keep me sane, thank Goodness!

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