NN x Ameraucana

If anybody has, you would certainly get F1 offspring that have Naked Necks, Muffs/Beards, and lay blue eggs. I’m sure somebody out there has one.
I have a NN with black feet and a pure bred Amerucana rooster. She’s just started laying in a few weeks I’m gonna incubate some of her eggs.
Cant wait to see how they turn out!
Unfortunately my Roo perished fighting off a hawk this week but I am setting a dozen eggs today 6 pure breed and 6 naked neck olive Eggers. My NN is black with gold leakage a bow tie and black legs! My amerucana rooster was a buff wheaten I’m very curious how they will turn out !
Some will hatch with fully feathered neck's, but you could get a few that will be naked necked with big bib's. The comb's may be different though, if there is a peacomb involved with one of the parent's, unless your naked neck parent also has the peacomb. The regular naked neck's do have the straight comb.

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