No air cell day 21 or 26? Egg dark but light pink normally. Staggered hatch!


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Jan 29, 2022
Hi! My hen has been incubating for 25 days. She originally had 8 eggs, and after 2 wks, there were 5 more. A chick from a different hen (under her though) hatched on time (from when she first incubated/sat) on day 21, and one of hers hatched yesterday on day 25. Today, day 26, the hens were stacking on her and eachother so I took all the eggs to the incubator. She is a special hen and I want her to rest and recover. I candled the eggs bc all were warm but some were freshly laid or dead and a few were alive. 1 has no clear air cell, but it is heavy, and a little bit of light shines through light parts of the egg. These are light pink Orpington eggs, and I have never candled past day 17 so I don't know what to expect. Is this dark egg about to hatch? Or is it dead with NO air cell? Thank you for your help!
This is the egg on candler.


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That looks fertile to me, with a small air cell. It could be maybe a week to 10 days in. Anyone else add eggs while you weren't looking maybe?
Yes, my other hens have been sneaking eggs in to the nest. This is the only egg I've ever candled that I couldn't see through as unfertilized, or as dark with an obvious air cell. Could a hen just randomly lay a really dark egg?

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