No Bator but a silkie hen need so advise

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    Can I put them back under her ?

    Ok I moved my broody silkie to her own spot, my feed shed it's right next to my coop. I gave her some of my neighbors fertile cochin eggs she was sitting on them this morning their was some grain in the water and a massive poop. so she did get up. Here's what I don't know she was sitting on silkie eggs and I move her to her own my Barred Rock banty took over her eggs she had been sitting checked late that night she the BR banty was still on them , this morning she the BR banty wasn't on them. The eggs were warm not as warm as they were when my silkie was sitting on them I know because I had taken one and put it in with her when I move her the silkie.

    Are these eggs ok to put back under my silkie I checked they are fertile flash ligh and I used my hand in my dark bathroom works great learned that from a BYCer.

    I never hatched eggs in my life time

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    In my experience, the more you mess with mama and eggs, the less likely the hatch will be successful. Bantam breeds are well-known for their broodiness...I even have a black cochin roo that sits on eggs and "mothers" the chicks!

    If you feel you must move them, perhaps plan to move 1-2 other broodies in at the same time. My banties usually take turns on a single nest...but if the eggs dont all hatch at the same time it could still be a bad thing.

    It's a gamble...but one a banty gets broody, she usually handles it well-enough to hatch em pretty well.

    If it were standard breeds, I would go purchase an incubator.

    Good luck on your hatches!
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    Quote:.I even have a black cochin roo that sits on eggs and "mothers" the chicks! Now that is funny!!!!![​IMG]

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