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My orpington is 14 months. She laying since 7 months old and she made 3-4 eggs a week (normally).

But, when I gave her a few chicks, she stopped her eggs production. Is normal, I know. :)

The probleme is.... her chicks is 5 month old now!

No parasitesexternal and/or internal, no stress, no moult, good droppin--, perfect health and she eating feed for laying + egg's shell.

Why she's not laying after her chicks (5-6 months)?


Traduction Français

À 7 mois, les deux ont commencées leur ponte, très bonne car elles pondaient toutes les deux 3-4 oeufs par semaines. Quelques mois après avoir débutée leur ponte, l'une d'elle passait son temps à couver. Alors un jour, je lui ai donné des oeufs fécondés à couver.

Les oeufs ont éclos, bla-bla-bla... Les deux orpingtons ont décidés de devenir mère en même temps et on partager l'élevage des poussins. De ce fait, leur ponte ont cessé. Bref, j'ai gardée juste une des deux soeurs orpington fauve. L'autre est chez une amie et elle a le même problème que moi.... Elle ne pondent pas!

Elle ont aujourd'hui un peu plus d'un an, mangent de la moulée pour poules pondeuses, ont de l'eau à volonté, passent leurs journées dehors à picosser, aucun parasite externe et interne, pas de mue, pas de picossage et pas de stresse, belles fientes. Elles sont bien belles, emplumés, en pleine santé mais ne pondent pas... Chez nous, elles ont aussi des coquilles d'oeufs broyés.

Mon orpington ne s'occupe plus de son ''poussin'' depuis longtemps, je comprend car elle est rendu à bientôt 6 mois! Mon orpington va souvent dans le pondoir mais ne pond pas et je sais que sa soeur fait parfois (moins souvent) le même comportement.

Depuis avril, la mienne a pondue 3 oeufs. Tout petit, style oeuf de caille, souvent sans jaune, très mince, couleur bizarre parfois et difforme. Et sa soeur, n'a pas pondue du tout d'après sa propriétaire.

Qu'est-ce qui causerait cela d'après vous....? Les deux pondaient parfaitement et régulièrement avant la couvaison, et cela fait plus de 7 mois si l'on compte l'incubation.
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Does she still act like she is taking care of the chick? Occasionally they do, even though they usually stop after a month or two. If she is still "mothering," maybe you could just remove the chicks for a few days.

She might be molting; they usually molt around 12 months or so, and sometimes it takes them 3 or 4 months to do it. Molting can vary a lot -- somethines they look half naked and sometimes you barely see missing feathers, or new ones coming in.

I see she's in a yard, which also makes me wonder if she is hiding her eggs somewhere.
I'm sure that her not laying outside. I looked several times.

And no, she's not taking care of the chick. First, It's one chick and two, he is 5-6 months old, It's look like pullet than a chick haha! :p
My orpington is not moulthing, I'm sure too.

Seriously, I don't understand! ....

Other idea??
Well, this thread discusses all the possible causes:

If I did the math right, she is about 12 months old, which is about time for the first annual molt. She could be going into molt mode without your being able to see it yet.

Or she could be sensing the change of season and not start again til spring.

Oddly, they do sometimes continue to take care of chicks even when they are as big as the mama -- but you would know if she is still mothering it. She would probably roost nest to it, maybe even put her wing over it, if nothing else.

She could also have a serious condition which you may not see symptoms of for months. This can happen with internal layers and even ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, these are not that uncommon -- but I do hope it's too soon to think something like that is the cause. My best guess is that a molt is on its way, actually -- but it's just that, a guess.

She sure is a pretty bird!
Ok, thanks!

It's weird because her sister, at my friend, has the same probleme... She not laying too. And she don't taking care of chick, no health probleme....

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