No Eggs for 10 days!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by faziostore, Dec 12, 2009.

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    Apr 12, 2009
    I have seven hens all 8 months old. They started laying in mid June and the egg quantity and size have steadily increased since. They were up to 5-6 eggs per day and 50 - 55 grams eggs. Around thanksgiving day they started 3-4 eggs a day. By the 1 of Dec I was getting 1-2 eggs per day. Now NO EGGS! It has been 10 days since I had an egg. The nesting box is full of feathers and 2-4 of my hens are in there day and night. At first, when I would go out and find one in the box I would take her out and set her in front of her food. If it was night I would take her out and put her on the roost. Than I would find two each time I went out. Now, there is always up to 4 of them all huddled in a corner of the box and NO EGGS.

    What have I done wrong? Things were going so well. I thought here in Arizona where it is 75 degrees during the day now, they would be laying like crazy. Are these girls done til the Spring? I finally had to break down and go buy some eggs yesterday from the grocery store. I guess I have been spoiled, but they are not nearly as good as my girls eggs. Thanks for any advise anyone can offer........

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    They're probably molting like mine, I haven't seen any eggs in at least a month, especially if you say you're finding feathers.
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    Apr 12, 2009
    Thanks for the info I have no clue what is what with these girls. I think I am their project.

    Oh yippy.....molting? So that means they loose feathers, set in their nest, and no eggs? This all seemed to start right when the weather went from 90 degree daytime highs to 75 degree daytime highs. How long will this last, assuming that it is molting. I got one gigantic egg, 82 grams....a honker. The egg count instantly began to drop. Within a couple days stopped and here I am buying eggs.....this just sucks. Their poop is like enormous now too.

    Some people have told me I need a rooster. Anyone have an opinion on that??? I can't keep a roo permenantly, my neighbors would not be happy. Some tell me if I get a roo it will get them back to laying, than eat it.....could this be true? I have no clue! [​IMG]

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    It sounds like they could either be broody, or molting. Are they looking scruffy like they are loosing feathers? If they stay on the nest day and night (except for occasionally coming out for food) they are probably broody. Getting a rooster won't do anything (other than annoy your neighbors). There are lots of ways to deal with broodies, I usually go out and remove them from the nest as many times as possible (carry them around the yard, get them out free-ranging, move them to a roost after dark), and they eventually stop.
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    Apr 12, 2009
    Well thanks for the tips. I will start visiting them often and walking around with them. From what you both have said I think some are molting, some are broody, and the rest are both [​IMG]

    They better snap out of this in short order or they will be Christmas Dinner [​IMG]

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    I'm in Tucson. I have 12 chickens capable of giving me eggs. I was getting 8 - 10 eggs every day this summer. Then 2 went broody, 6-8 eggs daily. Then I started seeing enough feathers to suspect a predator problem, but no predator. Egg production dropped to 2-3 eggs daily. I upped their calorie intake and protein level, made sure that there was a lot of oyster shell available and my two broodies finished raising their babies. I am back up to 5-6 eggs daily. No matter where you're located, your egg production will drop in the winter. Egg production isn't a factor of cold weather but of daily light exposure. The more light, the more eggs. The age and breed of your chickens will also have an effect on how many eggs will be produced in winter. I wouldn't relegate your hens to the dinner table quite yet. They may very well pick up again in the spring.

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