No eggs for a week - is this just winter?


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Apr 15, 2009
We had been getting 3-4 eggs a day, one white, two brown, one green (and one ameracauna who apparently hasn't laid yet at all).

Suddenly a week ago that went down to 1-2 eggs a day, always one white, sometimes one brown (pretty sure the browns now are all from the same hen).

I know they are supposed to lay less as the days get shorter, but I had been expecting a gradual decline, not an abrubt stop.

Just wondering if I should be concerned. Everyone looks good and acts fine, so I'm not concerned about them being eggbound (yes, I did look at a bunch of posts so I wouldn't ask a question that made all you experts groan). I'll try to hook up a light for them now that we're down to less than 12 hours of daylight, but that may take a while to get going.

Just looking for some reaasurance, or suggestions of what to look for if there may be a problem.


Sounds perfectly normal for the time of year. Between declining daylight and birds going into moult this time of year, eggs can become very random to getting none at all.
Im the same down to 1 egg, I was just wondering about turning on a light in the coop over the winter, does anyone know does it really work
I always keep my lights on through the like a charm. If your coop is wired for it, you can use a timer..$4-$5 at Walmart. I set mine so the lights come on at 3AM and it shuts off at 7am..what you need will depend on where you live and how much natural light comes in the coop.
Light does tend to work if you keep it over 12 hours a day. For production, I believe they recommend 16 hours a day. I must warn you though that if you do this year over year, it tends to wear hens down and they don't live as long and do not remain productive as long. Forcing lay can also induce egg laying problems. Just some things to consider.
Could something be getting the eggs before you do? Rat or snake??

My girls are laying later in the day now. Yesterday a couple girls layed after noon - 1 pm.

They have always layed around 7-8 am after they go out in the run and eat breakfast.
~*Sweet Cheeks*~ :

Could something be getting the eggs before you do? Rat or snake??

I had thought of that too, but would seem unlikely that there was a rat or snake that always took a green egg and a brown, and always left a white and a brown.

I'm thinking it's just the shorter days.

We are going to use a light this year. We never have in the past so hoping it will make for a more enjoyable winter season. I hope that is what your dilema is and not from predators.

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