No eggs in a week

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  1. I haven't gotten any eggs in a week. So I was going down the list, They do have water, Its sorta warm outside, and than I realized. I decressed how many times a day I feed them. I use to feed them twice to three times a day. andI got busy and it went to one time a day. So I will be moving them into a cat cage in the hay shed, See about getting a extanction cord and put a brooder light in there. And hopefully Have some eggs again.

    Water lasts 2 days, Food lasts 3-5 hours (Depends on the day and how much they eat to stay warm).

    Could It be food that is truly an issue? Oh and Can I take chicken egg shells and feed that to the quail for a source of calcium?
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    Could it be their season is coming to an end? I thought I read somewhere they slow down when it turns cold?
  3. Quote:Yah, But I would rather think of it being food. Um. I would rather get more eggs from them and put a dozen in the bator. I only have two [​IMG] and putting two in a BrowersTop Hatch (TH120) would feel foolish.
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    The days are getting shorter this time of the year and a decrease in natural light. When the light they receive increases they lay. When the light decreases they don't.

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    bobs are just like any wild bird, they only lay during their season...and it IS coming to an end. So you might not get anymore till next year [​IMG]
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    Their season is coming to an end but I would say it's probably the food. Get a feeder that holds at least 1 day's worth of food; when they run out of food they get stressed and

    stressed = no eggs
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