no eggs in months!

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    Apr 6, 2011
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    I have a flock of 4: an EE, BO, SLW cross, and an australorp. The first two are around a year, the SLW is 2, and my Aussie is 3. My EE only layed for about a month and quit. About 4 months ago a coon got into their run and grabbed the EE off the roost. We got out fast enough that she was fine. She and the SLW had some damage to their combs. I hot wired their run and havnt had an issue since, BUT the other 3 stopped laying shortly after. There are lots of dropped feathers so I figured a molt, but for 4 months!! Im not seeing mites or anything. Should I add higher protein? Consider a roo? Supplement light? It doesnt get too cold here normally, but dropped below 30 at night a couple times lately. They have 4' per bird inside and about 100' per bird outside plus outside time on the weekends so lots of room!
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    Aug 10, 2013
    I have 9 hens, five of which just started laying in Aug/Sept... For over a month all chickens quit laying, i was lucky to get one or two eggs every week. I know one of my BA's is going thru a good molt so not expecting any from her and one of the Younger EE's just started laying again a week ago she goes on a one a day cycle for a few days then takes a day or two off. I don't want to add a light, figuing I would just give them a break, mine are free range hens (with rooster), they have plenty of feed plus egg layer and all the kitchen scraps I can gather. They are healthy birds but four of them are over 3 years old so I figure that plays into the equasion. We have had no preditor issues so the only thing I can think of is decreased light and cold.

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