No Eggs? What can I do?


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
We recieved a Black Wyandotte over 3 weeks ago, and at the farm she was at she was laying daily. Since we have had her, she hasn't laid a single egg. What could be wrong? I have given her a nest box, and she sleeps in it at night, but no eggs. I do allow them to roam the back yard, but I have searched around and haven't found any there either. She seems very happy and healthy, and I feed her pellets for healthy laying, but still no eggs! Help!

Thank you

Any changes in our hens lives mean no eggs for a good month. And some hens are more jumpy than others. I just wait them out. I'd like to know if there's a better plan, too. I did learn here that a broody hen placed in a rabbit cage in pen for a few days to a week usually gets her back into stride. Don't know if it would work in this case.
I had this happen as well.. I tried to make sure to go out every night and remove the hen from the next box.. I also put a fake in the nest box so she would know that is what was expected of her
Hi there!

It's not commong for a chicken to stop laying for a few weeks when they go to a new environment. Once she gets used to her new place, which won't be long now, she'll start laying for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that, since she is allowed to run free, she may have a hiding place that you just can't find to lay those eggs in. I would suggest that you keep her locked up for a few days, and see if she lays an egg for you. Then, on the following days you could keep her in until say 3 or 4 pm, and let her out until just before dark.

Don't forget to supply some grit for her if you keep her locked up for a couple of days. Grit aids in digestion.

Good luck! Bet you'll see eggs real soon!
Well, got home from work last night and low and behold I found an egg in the nest box! I knew it was hers because it was much bigger then my Banty Cochin's eggs, although not quite as big as it should be. I am sure her eggs will be back to normal soon though! Now if my pullet leghorn would just get it together and start laying all would be splendid!
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