No eggs yet!


10 Years
Mar 22, 2013
downtown Nicholson, ky.
I have a 27 week old RIR that has yet to lay an egg.
Is it possible she will never lay one or is she just waaaay behind?
How much longer should I give her until she hits the road...or skillet.
i would say about when she is 30 or 40 weeks old. i had that same problem and i feed mine layer pellets twice a day and she started laying two eggs a day.
My Black Australorp JUST started laying two days ago and is the same exact age as your RIR. I also have an Easter Egger that's one week behind her that has yet to lay. My Australorp suddenly did an egg crouch for me when I was reaching over her last week (and man did she look surprised!) keep an eye out for your RIR to give signs like that and getting more vocal and red in the face. Waiting takes forever, but getting that first egg is so exciting. :)

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