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Jun 9, 2020
Hey y'all!
I live in Austin Texas where the weather right now is warm, 60's-50's at night 70's-80's during the day and I have 4 ducks. 1 cayuga female 8/9months, 1 Khaki Campbell female 6/7 months and 2 welsh harlequins 1 drake and 1 female 4 months old. There have been no eggs by the older females! A lot of mating between the females lol but my drake is too young to even know what to do with all these women. Haha Is there something I should be doing? They are on all stages feed and i grind up eggshells from time to time and add that in for calcium.


Aug 28, 2016
Memphis, TN
Watch them from a distance when you first let them out in the morning. I think mine cross their little legs to prevent laying in the coop and then sneak off to their hiding spots. They bury the eggs so they are not obvious. I have found hidden nests under shrubs, behind their coop, and in tall grass. It's also possible your Khaki just doesn't lay and your Welsh isn't quite old enough. I have one Khaki hen who has never been good at laying eggs. I am not sure why.


Jul 26, 2014
Typically, females will start laying the Spring after their birth (some do start earlier, but I don't think that is typical). So, I wouldn't expect eggs from your girls until Spring.

My girls have always only laid from March until August each year (my girls range in age from 4-6 years old). Just for future reference. Of course Texas is a much different climate than Sweden, so you might see something different with your girls as far as how much they lay each year. ;)

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