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My Brahma hen(8mo old) is not laying. Im not sure that she has even started laying yet. Im thinking she is stressed. She got along fine with the new hens. They didnt like the Roo though, so I had to take him out, they were pecking him terribly. He had such a fit I moved her and my other little brahma in with him. They seem to get along fine, but she hasnt laid yet. I didnt have a nest for her so I finally put something to gether for her today and put a golf ball in. She doesnt seem to be eggbound, she acts fine. Now I have not checked her to see how her vent looks though. Its hard to get into that coop and it has rained for 2 weeks now. But should I check her for egg bound? Can you tell Im new at this and already obsessed with chickens
I had an EE that didn't lay her first egg until she was almost 9 months old, and I think Brahma's are even slower to mature. You should see her comb and wattles getting bright red before she lays her first egg, and maybe see her "practicing" in the nest box kicking and moving the bedding around.
Another thought is- If she is the only hen in with the rooster- she might be getting harrassed by him- that could be another reason, but I think it's probably a maturity issue.
Good luck - chickens are great fun and yes, they become an obsession
Brahmas often don't lay until they are about 8-9 months old. I have two hatched early last March and they are still not laying.

I think the problem right now is the short day length, so hopefully things will change soon.

Make sure that the girls are well fed and parasite free. Worm them if you have not done so.

Good Luck

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