No feathers? Normal??

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Mar 11, 2011
W Texas
I bought 6 supposedly 2 yr old hens, they didn't have any feathers when I got them and they still don't, he told me it was from the rooster. The one that was left here hasn't ever gone bald and I don't know her age. My rooster is about 10 or so months old but I don't think he's working, or I haven't caught him working. So why aren't they growing them back?? Is this normal? Egg production has gone down too, I was getting about 6-7 eggs the first month or so, now I'm lucky if I get 4.



8 Years
May 16, 2011
your chickens look like they have sore spots...
First let me suggest that you soak them in epsome salt twice a day if you can, and rub ointment in really well on the sore spots.
The time it takes for feathers to grow back depends on a few things.depends on whether it was broken off or pulled out. A feather that is broken off somewhere along the shaft, or trimmed by a human, like flight feathers sometimes are, will grow back during the normal molt. Molts happen at particular times of the year. A feather that is pulled out completely, will start to grow back within 2 weeks.

However, if you have any feather pickers, including the hen with the bare back, they will be attracted to the blood-rich pin feathers emerging. This can make it appear that the baldness is permanent.

It takes several weeks for the feathers to grow back, and meanwhile it would be helpful to put something on the bare spot to discourage picking, such as "Pick-no-more" or something similar such as pine tar.

Hope this helps


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