No fertil eggs yet? Roo not doing his job.


9 Years
Mar 11, 2010
So I have noticed that we have not seen our roo Marvin hopping the hens yet this year. I thought that maybe I was missing it but we gave a dozen eggs to a friend for incubation and every one turned out to be a dud. So Marvin is not doing what is required of him. Marvin has lived with the hens since birth. He became the new roo when his daddy was carried off by a raccoon. Marvin has always been a bit strange as he is the product of an Americana roo and a tiny silkie hen. He had to be raised inside as a chick because his silkie mother had three americana chicks that would not let him get under mom at night. Now he is top roo and has fathered chicks last year. He bred all the hens even some much bigger then him.
So why would he be all the sudden not interested in his flock? He is perfectly normal other then that....Help.

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