No fluffy butts ... so disappointed.


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Vancouver Island, B.C.,
I called Buckerfields' Feed and supply store last week to place an order for day old sex links.
I ordered 3 reds and 3 blacks from there last year. No problem.
This year they said they wouldn't earmark them for us unless we order 25 or more.
But they said they would be getting 50 in on Wed, (yesterday) and if I'm there at 8:30 a.m. I can get some.
So I got the brooder all set up and the heat lamp on to warm it and off I go.
Got there at 8:30 and they tell me "come back tomorrow 'cuz the order is delayed".
Okay, fine. A little disappointed but I go home and unplug the heat lamp.
I tried to phone them this morning to see if the order came in but they don't answer the phone until they open at 8:30.
So i plug in the brooder light again and off I go.
I get there and they have 25 in a box. Hooray ... but no ... those are someone else's order.
So where are the other 25 that weren't earmarked?
"Oh, those ones were all dead when they got here." "No we're not getting anymore now for the rest of the season."
They acted as though I was a petty annoyance wanting only 8 chicks.
So they won't get any more business from me.
I wonder what changed since last year. They were so accommodating last year.
What is the small flock keeper supposed to do?
Well there's my rant ...@$^&$%&**%!!!!!!!

P.S. There is a local guy who sells 10 week olds so I guess I'll get some of those but they won't be sweet little fuzzy butts.
They can go out to the grow-out pen and I'll get more eggs sooner, but it's not the same. Mumble mumble grumble!
Kinda had a similar experience here at the Poole Feed and Supply Store here in Texas.. I went to ask about special ordering certain breeds that I wanted and they told me to write down the breeds I was interested in and my phone number, that the manager would call me after he talked to their supplier. Its been almost a week now and no call.
Guess I'll just take mom's advice and watch craiglist for chicks.
Hi there mamabigbird

I just picked up four 5 week-old pullets
on Sunday from a small breeder in Chilliwack. He said he'd be getting some tiny chicks
in the beginning of June. Its called Beau Peep Farm and has a website. Even though its off the island, it might be worth looking into to get what you want. He had several breeds. Good Luck!
Hi Mamabigbird.

We have Canada's largest selection of poultry and I am sure that we will be able to have whatever breed you are looking for (within reason, of course ... )

Check out our website ( and email us from the CONTACT page.

We are in the business to help the poultry fancier, no matter what size of flock!

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