"no guarantee" in hatching eggs does NOT include infertile eggs!!!!!!


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Ok everybody, help me out. I'm a newbie so I don't know that much here. I am not a newbie to ebay though. I ordered eggs from ebay. Expensive. The eggs of this clutch did not develop and I cracked 2 open and they are not fertile!!!!!!! Ive seen the pictures of the difference in fertile and non fertile eggs and have seen for myself what a fertile one looks like. I am thinking about videoing me opening the other eggs with her marking on them to prove that are infertile. I can leave a negative feedback, or she can work with me on this, right? She needs to check fertility herself and she will see. I don't think I can let this one slide and call it "its a risk we take". If the eggs were fertile and developed but didn't hatch, that's all on me. But she didn't do her part.

What do you think?
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How is this progressing?

Ok, I've never ordered eggs off of EBay, so, my opinion will be that of someone with no prior experience in buying shipped eggs.
If, the listing title says "Fertile Hatching Egg" and they're not, that would amount to infertile eggs being an "item not as described", and you should be entitled to a refund.
I've ordered tons of stuff off of EBay, from auto parts, to milk bottles. If it works, or, I can make it work, with a few modifications, I consider it's description as matching the listing description, if not, I expect the seller to make it right. In 9 years, I've only left 1 negative feedback, for non working LED light bulbs. 3/3 were dead and the seller wouldn't replace them, or, refund the purchase, unless I gave a "+" feedback first. I don't respond well to blackmail.
I once got a saddle off of EBay (yeah, bad mistake), with nonadjustable stirrup straps. Anybody that deals in saddles, knows that this would be an unusable item. The seller sent some new straps, that were correct, as the item description said "New", but could have fallen into the "For parts or not working" category, since the lack of adjustability made it "difficult to use". (from EBay):

A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller's listing for full details.

I am sure no egg seller, is going to list their hatching eggs as:

For parts or not working
An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational. This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components. See the seller's listing for full details.

But, an infertile egg is definitely "missing essential components", just like the saddle I bought.
I know all the listings state no guarantee of hatching, but infertility is a defect of manufacturing, not damage from shipping, or, other conditions related to handling.

Good luck to you.

I'll be interested to see other responses to your post, as others will have differing views.
Thank you for that. I haven't done anything yet. I was hoping someone would offer some 2 cents. I think ill have a video made of me crackin the eggs today. I'll post pictures first too, just to be sure before I speak to the seller again. I agree with that blackmail thing too and don't want to sound like im saying "fix this problem or ill leave negative feedback and file a claim". If someone told me my shipped eggs were not fertile and proved it with video, I would insist on making it right. As of now, I haven't told the seller the eggs weren't fertile, just that they did not develop.
Even with a rooster no one can guarantee fertility. I know I can pot 50 eggs in my bator and maybe 40 will hatch when I check the ones that don't they were not fertile. However Normally they are, but a few out of every dozen wont be.

However I saw Friday one of the EE eggs that I had that had a small hairline crack in it was not fertile. I got that through e-bay. However I hope the other 3 are fertile. But there is never any guarantee. You need to reread the post that the person has on E-bay. I never guarantee 100% fertility. The reason being that the rooster sometimes breeds one girl more then another one, and my older rooster will leave a girl alone if they act like they don't want to be bred. However from what I have read is that if the rooster breeds with a hen the eggs can be fertile for up to 14 days inside of her even though he may not breed her again for a few days. However if all of the eggs were not fertile then there is an issue.

This is the reason why I send extra eggs. Also did you let the eggs sit for awhile???
Yes, they sat for 12 hours first. I think it is the sellars responsibility to check for fertility and if the eggs are not fertile, they don't get sold. So do you think that I shouldn't say or do anything, that it IS in fact "just the risk we take"?
I posted a similar complaint on a Facebook group and was told you really can't verify fertility after the egg has been in the incubator for a few days. Shipped eggs are a gamble. How did their air cells look before you put them in the incubator?
Looking at the pic, I see the small white circles in a couple of the yolks. That generally is a guide to fertile eggs. Do they all have them?

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