No Hay,And Keep The Run Dry!

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    May 22, 2011
    Valuable lessons learned! I knew better than to have hay in the run area, and knew EVEN better than to allow kids freedom in and out of the coop and run. As far as hay goes, my rabbit hay is stored with everything else near the coop, and a bunch of that got scattered about the run's dry dirt area. At eight, and not understanding what a dust bath is-LOL, my eight year old scattered hay all over it to give the birds a place to "lay down". What with work and all, i just did my little daily maintenance routine of feed, water, DE...etc without really working the area like ive been needing to. By now the hay is soppin wet after a rain we finally got over a week ago, and since it wont dry, the hay kept the area wet along with stinking to high heaven while keeping the flys and wet poop in a perfect environment for bein NASTY! I finally raked it all out, then spread DE and scratch, and now in direct sun, that area of the run is again dry with NO flys or poop...and now the birds are no longer avoiding it. Kids dont really know whats what in caring for the birds, and they have no need to be tracking poop and all from the coop/run on their shoes, so except for my twelve year old, the younger kids access is now strictly controlled. Lesson learned...a dry run is a MUCH better run.

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