No idea what breed this is...


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Jun 15, 2009
I have no idea what breed of chicken one of mine is....I got her at a local Jack's store and they didn't tell me the breed.
She is about five weeks and she has grey shacks, feathered legs, speckled black and and white coloring, four toes, black earlobes, and I can't tell what type of comb she looks like it is all smooth and then she has this tiny little spike at the top sticking straight up like a unicorn. Her personality is really standoffish towards humans (don't know if that has anything to do with it but...) I think she might be a bantam chicken but I'm not positive on that...
I would post a picture but I don't have one so....any ideas?
Wow, that is an interesting description. I can't think of what breed it would be based on that. Sounds like it has a rose comb? The final earlobe color will not be evident at 5 weeks, so that isn't a good way to tell breed yet. I'm guessing she's a mix, but without a picture it's really hard to know. Hopefully this will bump you up so someone who knows can give you a better answer.

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